101 Useful Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is extremely important for your well-being. I like to think of myself as some sort of self-care enthusiast since I am obsessed with helping people find a self-care practice that works for them. What is relaxing for one person just might not be the same for another, and that’s the reality of it! I have compiled a list of 101 ways that you can practice self-care in hopes of helping you find a self-care practice that works for YOU! Not only is this list full of practical and easy ways to practice self-care, most of them are F-R-E-E, free! Enjoy!



  1. Read a self-help book
  2. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show
  3. Take a break from work
  4. Get some fresh air
  5. Listen to a guided meditation
  6. Take a 15-25 minute nap
  7. Jot down 5 things you love about yourself
  8. Call up a friend
  9. Smile at yourself in the mirror
  10. Leave yourself a love note
  11. Listen to some tunes
  12. Go for a brisk walk
  13. Do some deep breathing
  14. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  15. Free write in a journal
  16. Take your vitamins
  17. Buy something that you’ve been wanting lately
  18. Doodle
  19. Light a stress relief candle
  20. Talk with a therapist
  21. Do some yoga
  22. Drink some soothing tea
  23. Buy some flowers for yourself (you deserve them!)
  24. Bake yourself some cookies
  25. Color in a coloring book (this one’s my favorite!)adult-coloring-book
  26. Listen to nature sounds
  27. Read an inspirational poem
  28. Eat a healthy snack
  29. Give yourself an at-home DIY facial
  30. Watch a motivational TED talk online
  31. Do a fun craft
  32. Prioritize your to-do list
  33. Soak up some sun (literally do this.)
  34. Set a boundary for yourself (know your limits)
  35. Say “no” to something/someone
  36. Cook a new recipe that you’ve been wanting to try
  37. Try out a new coffee/tea shop near you
  38. Pop some bubble wrap
  39. Sign up for a Pilates class
  40. Ask someone for help
  41. Write down some things you’ve learned about yourself in the last year (try to keep it positive!)
  42. Notice what you are feeling in the current moment – what is your body telling you?
  43. Take a mental break from a difficult task
  44. Play your favorite board game
  45. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  46. Go on a date – even if that means taking yourself out!
  47. Create a self-love box/jar
  48. Paint your emotions on canvas
  49. Make some sort of financial plan (e.g. a budgeting spreadsheet, plan to get out of debt, etc.)
  50. Re-arrange a room in your home decor-wall
  51. Join a support group
  52. Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore
  53. De-clutter your home room by room
  54. Leave yourself a note in your lunch
  55. Plan a movie night
  56. Deep condition your hair
  57. Place a few drops of an essential oil (lavender) behind your ear
  58. Plan a mini stay-cation
  59. Write down your current short-term and long-term goals
  60. Eat some fruit and veggies!
  61. Change the background of your computer or phone to an uplifting quote
  62. Go on a weekend retreat
  63. Eat dessert after dinner
  64. Get coffee with friend
  65. Get a massage
  66. Watch a Disney movie
  67. Go for a relaxing drive
  68. Drink a glass of wine or a cold beer
  69. Spend some time in silence
  70. Organize your desktop
  71. Cross 1 think off your to-do list
  72. Listen to instrumental music or show tunes
  73. Make your bed
  74. Cuddle your pet
  75. Dim the lights dim-the-lights
  76. Search random things on Pinterest
  77. Catch up on TV shows that you haven’t had time to watch
  78. Start a blog 😉
  79. Watch funny cat videos on YouTube, meow
  80. Enjoy a Hersey’s Kiss and concentrate on the flavor
  81. Share your responsibilities with someone
  82. Spend some time near a beach, lake, river, or stream
  83. Share a recent accomplishment with others
  84. Let yourself have a good cry
  85. Turn your phone off for 30 min – 1 hour
  86. Take a bubble bath
  87. Download an app that helps with anxiety and stress relief (like this one!)
  88. Streeeetch
  89. Take up a new hobby, like gardening or photography
  90. Plan for tomorrow
  91. Let go of something that has been bothering you lately
  92. Go out for drinks with some friends
  93. Move 1 thing from today’s to-do list to tomorrow’s to-do list
  94. Thank someone who is deserving
  95. Exfoliate your skin
  96. Replace negative words with positive ones
  97. Send a funny Snapchat
  98. Give a hug
  99. Look up more often, and I mean this quite literally 🙂
  100. Prepare and eat your favorite meal when you were a kid
  101. Create a more permanent and lasting self-care routine that best fits you and your needs

And so there ya have it! 101 possible ways for you to practice self-care. I hope with my whole heart that you were able to find something that works for you or that this list gave you some new ideas!

Have another way that you practice self-care?? I’d love to hear what helps you get relaxed and re-energized! Comment below 🙂

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