September Goals

So, I am FINALLY getting to write this post on what I am planning to do this upcoming month! First of all, can you believe that it’s already September?! It’s craziness.

Personal check-in: I am about to go into my 3rd week of my 2nd year in my grad program (also craziness!). This whole process has really been tough and exhausting to say the least.

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4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Something that I, and many other people, have struggled with in the past is achieving the goals that I have set for myself. Setting goals is one thing, but getting there is a whole other ball game. In this post, I lay out my step-by-step routineΒ that I do each time I have a goal in mind that I want to achieve. So far, it has proven to work very well!

If I can do it, then so can you! Truuust me.

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